Lululemon store exterior display solutions

AWP will help you every step of the way, providing solutions and suggestions that will enhance your ideas and designs. Combining creativity, competency, and collaboration we will turn your merchandising and display pain points into solutions.

This comes from years of experience partnering with customers to deliver the most innovative displays in North America. Once the product is made, we manufacture it at scale with one of the industry’s fastest rollout times.

From consultation to manufacturing to installation, AWP will make your most ambitious display ideas a reality.

1. Consultation

Together we look at the need behind the product and investigate your current procedures to formulate a solution.

2. Proposal

Our team of designers will create a custom proposal for your project full of solutions that are not only innovative, but cost-effective.

3. Preliminary Design

The next step is refining the design. We transform our sketches into detailed images that you’ll be able to inspect and picture in their final context.

4. Prototype

Before your product goes into production we test it out! We use the final material to create a prototype that’s used in store to get feedback from people like customers and store clerks, to managers and general managers.


The final design is manufactured using the most efficient and cost-effective method.

6. Deployment

The rest is making sure the product gets to you safely and fast! We ship directly from North America, so you don’t have to deal with overseas surprises. Every display includes all the tools, supplies, and instruction you need to ensure a seamless installation.


Case studies

Using creative thinking, years of frontline experience, and skilled fabrication techniques we create highly customized products that enhance the way customers interact with displays.

We don’t just build displays, we provide solutions with our innovative designs.

See how we put our innovation on display:

AWP Recycling Program

At AWP we take the environment very seriously. We go to great lengths to make sure that all of our unused plastic products are recycled. We regrind all our ABS, and recycle acrylics, metals, plywood, and PET. And whenever possible, we ship our products packaged in recyclable materials.

Recycled plastic merchandising and display solutions

If you can dream it we can build it.
Discuss your project with one of our qualified staff.