Orchard Bin
Produce Tables

Build your dream produce department

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your produce department. Mix and match any of our Orchard Bin produce table bases and merchandising accessories to create your dream produce department at any budget.

Orchard Bin Table Bases & Accessories

Orchard Bin Side Panel
Side Panel
Quarter Pie
Orchard Bin panel with bag holder
Orchard Bin Panel with Bag Holder
Orchard Bin Shelves
Orchard Bin Shelves
Orchard Bin Flat Tray
Flat Tray
End Cap Riser
End Cap Riser
Volume Riser
Volume Riser
Packaged Product Steps
Packaged Product Steps

Table grouping ideas

Orchard Bin Produce Table
4 block table with steel shelves
Orchard Bin Produce Table with multiple accessories and riser options
4 block table with multiple risers
Orchard Bin Produce Table with Spillovers
2 inline tables with spillovers

If you can dream it we can build it. Discuss your project with one of our qualified staff.