Deli Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale Holder

Putting Safety and Service Behind the Counter. AWP’s Sliding Scale Holder™ is designed to solve a problem we hear about all the time. It transforms the way employees weigh meat and other products on their scale. Implementing our Sliding Scale Holder™ has resulted in less workplace injury and a boost in employee satisfaction.

The Challenge

A compensation management specialist for a large grocery store chain noticed a disturbing trend. Employees in meat, seafood, and deli departments were experiencing difficulties placing items on their scale. Employees had to lean over the counter and reach up and over to put meat or other items on the scale. This movement was awkward, straining, and it was no wonder the compensation claims were as high as they were. Time lost to injury was significant and employee satisfaction was adversely affected.

The Solution

Working together with our client, the AWP design team crafted a simple but elegant solution. We put the scale on a slider allowing it to be brought down below the shoulders of even the shortest employee. The mounting system allowed the scales to be moved up, down, left, and right so that easy access could be maintained anywhere. Compensation costs began to drop in the stores where the system was piloted and staff satisfaction rose, resulting in a much high quality of customer service.

The Sliding Scale Holder™ is a simple design idea that works. It is easy to install, requires very low maintenance, and can be customized to your refrigeration system.


Compensation claims caused by poor bio-mechanics are dramatically reduced.

Customer Interaction

The ease-of-use allows staff to maintain a higher level of interaction with customers, creating new opportunities for upselling while reducing overall transaction time.

Integrated Design

The scale is a fully integrated system with wrapping paper, shelves for sanitary gloves and paper, hooks for plastic bags, and a sanitary surface for wrapping and ticketing the purchase all built into one easy-to-install unit.