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Pull out Shelf

The Challenge

Dairy managers understand the problem. Any products that have limited shelf life need to be rotated on a daily basis and faced properly. On a conventional shelf, this means removing all existing stock, putting new stock at the back and then replacing old stock: A time consuming process when time is at a premium. Despite the best possible training, hurried staff may try to save time by simply putting new stock at the front, resulting in unacceptable levels of shrink.

The Solution

When the AWP business development and design team heard about this common dairy department challenge they put their heads together and designed the Pull-Out Shelf™. This heavy duty shelf extends fully so that existing stock can be pulled forward and faced before new stock is put in behind. Significant industry testing has shown that the time to restock a shelf can be reduced dramatically and the amount of shrink reduced by 50%. When the Pull-Out Shelf™ is installed across an entire chain, the savings in time and shrink means that the new shelves can completely pay for themselves in matter of months and produce a significant profit within two years.

Our research shows that the Pull-Out Shelf™ for yogurt can:
– Reduce restocking time by 30 seconds per case of yogurt
– Reduce total shrink by 50%
– Significantly improve proper facing

When you put these seemingly small numbers together across a chain of stores, the results are impressive. The shelf works for a variety of perishable products, so the system-wide ROI is significant.

Pullout shelf merchandise and display solutions
Pullout shelf