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Orchard Bin

Bringing the Orchard into Your Produce Department AWP’s most popular merchandising produce is our Orchard Bins™. These rustic-looking sturdy bins offer a fresh from the farm look that increases sales, reduces labor costs, and last for years.

The Challenge

Several years ago, a client came to us with a real concern. The wooden crate bins that they had been using to display produce were being replaced far too frequently. They were costing the company money and causing unwarranted disruption in the store. On top of that, they were difficult to clean and looked chipped and worn out. They needed something else.

The Solution

Our AWP business development and design staff pride themselves in putting their innovation on display. When our client asked us for a more durable solution that would decrease labour costs, we went to work. An attractive wood-grain panelling was the obvious solution. It ensures that the bins remain easy to clean while being incredibly durable. The bins we installed over 12 years ago are still in service and look as good as new. Not satisfied, our team went one step further to minimize in-store disruption. We designed a patented knock-down cleat system that allowed for easy assembly with virtually no tools. The Orchard Bin is a cost-effective, durable, easy-to-assemble solution to improve the look of your produce department while reducing labour and shipping costs. Not to mention, they last for years!

Over a 12 year period, we have installed over 500,000 Orchard Bin™ panels and have only ever needed to replace one! These bins can benefit your business in a number of ways.


The durable outer shell is easy to clean, improving sanitation and reducing labour costs.

Ease of Assembly

Using a couple basic tools, two employees can assemble an 80 bin store in just two hours.


We build to your specifications, using 3 x 3 modular panels. A full line of accessories, such as risers and bag holders, will allow you to customize different bins in your department.


The optional hinged door design allows you to quickly store cleaning supplies, bags, and more.

Reduced Shipping Costs

The patented cleat design allows us to knock down the panels, which has been shown to reduce shipping costs by over 200%.

Save on Foods produce section merchandise and display solutions
Save on Foods produce section
Save On Foods – orchard bins merchandise and display solutions
Save On Foods – orchard bins
Orchard bin
Orchard bin