Signature Products

Orchard Bin

AWP’s most popular solution to merchandising produce is our Orchard Bins™ which offer a “fresh from the farm” look that increases sales, reduces labor costs, and lasts for years. The appearance can be customized to suit your individual décor and there is a range of options available.

Pull Out Shelf

AWP’s revolutionary new Pull-Out Shelf™ ensures that perishable products such as yogurt can be rotated, restocked, and faced more quickly and efficiently. Reduced labor cost and shrink mean a payback in less than three months.

Sliding Scale Holder

AWP’s Sliding Scale Holder™ is designed to meet a clearly defined need: reduce the stress on employees when placing items on a scale in order to reduce compensation claims. In the end, it does so much more!


The AWP Carousel™ is single or multi-level, rotating merchandising solution for the deli that ensures safe, clean, and efficient handling of perishable products. Employees can spin the carousel and reach products easily and prevent cross-contamination while staying engaged with their customers.

Bulk Bins

AWP’s Bulk Food Bins are a major leap forward for the
self-serve bulk bin industry/category. They offer an attractive, durable and hygienically superior option to existing designs.


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