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A Deli Solution That Will Turn Heads!

At AWP the innovation never stops! The AWP Carousel™ is our most recent labor-saving merchandising solution that will revolutionize your deli cases.


The Challenge

A client recently came to us with a complex problem. The traditional salad display system in the deli simply didn’t work. Employees were filing compensation claims and having to take time off work as a result of the awkward bio-mechanics that result from leaning and reaching into the deli case. Our design team went to several different stores. What we saw was more than just bad body mechanics. As staff reached into the front of the case, their sleeves or arms frequently came in contact with various trays, causing cross-contamination. It was not uncommon to see product actually being dropped in the case. We also noted that the line ups for service often reached unacceptable levels.


The Solution

A wheel: It was as simple as that. While waiting for some soup to heat up, one of the design team members watched the bowl spinning on the microwave carousel and an idea was born. What if deli items were presented on a rotating display system? This would allow the counter person to rotate the carousel to the desired item, serve it easily and safely, and maintain a much higher level of customer interaction. The team developed and tested several prototypes, adding improvements such as a locking system.


The Business Case

The AWP Carousel™ is a real breakthrough in merchandising that offers the following benefits:

  • Safety: Compensation claims caused by poor bio-mechanics are dramatically reduced and the health hazard of cross-contamination is virtually eliminated.
  • Cleanliness: The AWP Carousel™ is easy to clean and it makes it simple for the department to maintain a consistent schematic.
  • Customer Interaction: The ease-of-use design allows staff to maintain a much higher level of interaction with the customer while reducing the total service time.
  • Flexibility of Design: There are unlimited design possibilities, with different level and colored risers available. Easy-to-clean, FoodSafe-approved plastic bowls are specifically moulded for your unique system.
  • Novelty: This is a real breakthrough in deli merchandising that will rejuvenate staff and customer interest.