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Bulk Food Bins – Clean, Durable, and Profitable!

AWP’s Bulk Food Bins are a major leap forward for the self-serve bulk bin industry/category. They offer an attractive, durable and hygienically superior option to existing designs. 

The Challenge
As bulk food continues in increase in popularity and diversity, many retailers find that the area can quickly become messy, rotation was a constant problem, and existing systems often did not meet expectations.


The Solution

A modular design makes it easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes and far more cost effective should a replacement part be necessary. AWP’s Bulk Food Bins are supported by visually attractive fixtures that are portable and can be set up with any bin combination. They can also be adapted to standard Madix and Lozier grocery shelving. Another feature is the ability to backfill, ensuring stock rotation is maintained properly. Off lid ticketing ensures the product remains the focal point and avoids clutter on the heavy-duty lid. 

Durapod has external scoop/tong holders that add to the hygiene benefits of this concept. Most importantly Durapod has a self-closing lid device that ensures unattended bins are left in the closed position at all times. Quite simply Durapod has eliminated the problem of “lids left open” and has taken the bulk food scoop bin to a new dimension/level. Durapod bins are designed to meet the standards of NSF/ANSI 2-2005, which is the recognized Food Equipment Standard.


The business Case
The AWP Bulk Food Bins offer the following features:

  • Self-closing lids
  • Surgical latex seals around lids that retain product freshness and protect product from cross-contamination
  • The gravity bin pull down arm allows for easy refill and avoids heavy lifting
  • Back-filling chute ensures effective product rotation when filling the scoop bins
  • Contour design leaves no dead spots and allows for full scoop ability of the bin
  • Wide-open lid results in less spillage
  • Off-lid ticket holders do not block visibility and can be changed easily
  • Scoop holder is easy to remove and dishwasher friendly
  • Gravity Bin’s push nozzle design allows for one or two handed operation


Next Steps

As with all of our solutions, we encourage you to meet with one of our business development professionals and create a strategy for adapting the Durapod Bulk Bin System™ to your specific needs and requirements.