Our Company

Advance Wire Products Ltd. (AWP) is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative merchandising solutions for the retail grocery, convenience, and pharmacy market. We are deeply committed to our mission, which is to help drive our clients’ profitability and customer satisfaction through in-store innovation. AWP has been working with grocery, convenience, and pharmacy retailers to solve merchandising challenges since 1953. Our team combines in-depth research with front-line retail experience to anticipate and meet the needs of our clients and their business practices. All employees, from the manufacturing department through to the sales team, work to truly understand the business of our clients.

The client experience working with the AWP team is consistently framed by our passion for innovation and dedication to provide memorable customer service:  Our industry knowledge, rigorous attention to detail, and flair for innovation combine to give our clients profit-enhancing solutions – not just merchandising equipment. We deliver what others only promise. What makes AWP distinct? Our clients tell us that it is our ability to produce really innovative merchandising solutions and then take these proven solutions and adapt them to your unique challenges. This way, the client gets the best of both worlds: proven solutions customized to their unique needs.

We invite you to offer us your most difficult merchandising challenges. Give us an opportunity to show you how we can take these challenges and turn them into opportunities to drive your profitability and customer satisfaction.